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Mike Johansson

Hi, I'm Mike Johansson and I teach people about communication and social media

Mike Johansson's Bio:

Mike Johansson is a lifelong learner which has led him to a career path that now finds him at the perfect nexus of knowledge and interest.

Mike is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication at the Rochester Institute of Technololgy  where he gets to both teach and learn from students about topics such as social media, public relations and advertising. He has organized two very successful social media conferences at RIT - http//

In his company Fixitology Mike helps businesses understand the benefits of the social web, guides them through a plan for engagement and then connects them with service providers to establish meaningful presences. He can also coach and train existing staffers on best practices and continuing engagement.

The Rochester Social Media Speakers Bureau was founded by Mike to help others organize and run successful conferences around social media for business.

In everything Mike does he brings creative (and some say, insanely different) thinking to the table and aims to make the whole process from learning to implementation to practice a great experience.

Feel free to contact Mike at or (585) 746-0965.

You can also follow Mike on Twitter at @mikejny or read some of his thoughts on socila media on his blog:

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Mike Johansson's Interests & Activities:

Social media, travel, writing, sailing, basketball

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